The Missionary Handbook...Our "BOOK OF BLESSINGS"

Parents,  we realized how hard it is to search to actually find the Missionary Handbook on and thought maybe you would enjoy having access to the handbook your son or daughter uses as a guide on their mission.

Click the following link to access the Missionary Handbook.

We encourage you to read the MISSIONARY HANDBOOK.  We think it will help you understand what is expected of LDS missionaries as they serve.  By obeying the rules that have been studied and developed over YEARS AND YEARS of missionary service, we know that we are BLESSED!  An obedient Mission is a HAPPY MISSION!

We know that our whole lives we are following handbooks...our scriptures, our General Conference talks/Prophets, our General Handbooks from the Church, etc.
We know that Heavenly Father loves us so much to give us guidelines that free us to really become who we can become!

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