Arizona Phoenix Mission office - CORRECT ADDRESS

In the past, we have had packages and mail not delivered to the Arizona Phoenix Mission office because Google has the wrong suite number listed. The correct address for the Arizona Phoenix Mission office is:

6833 W Bell Rd. Glendale, AZ 85308

When sending packages and mail, please use the above address when mailing or sending items to the Arizona Phoenix Mission office.

Here's the background on the address problem: Whenever someone does a Google search for the Arizona Phoenix Mission office address, Google brings up a Web site with an incorrect address. The Web site has been incorrect for several years, and the wrong Arizona Phoenix Mission office has been perpetuated to other online listings or services. As a result, we hear stories of packages and packages that never make it to their destination, while others being returned home to the sender.

Our missionaries love to receive mail from loved ones, and as the Christmas season approaches, we want to ensure the correct address is available. If you or someone you know has a missionary in the Arizona Phoenix Mission, please refer them to this correct address.

In our efforts to try and fix the problem, we have written this post with the hopes that it will soon rank higher on the various search engines and there won't be as much confusion when trying to locate the Arizona Phoenix Mission office for LDS Church missionaries serving here.

If you get the chance, we would appreciate it if you and others would come and visit this blog post a time or two. And if you feel so inclined, leave us a comment - and if possible, use the words Arizona Phoenix Mission office in your comment. We will pass along any shout-out you give to your missionary in your comment.

You can also try to search for use using the LDS Building Locator tool on

Another suggestion - if you are concerned for the safe arrival of packages and mail to your missionary, rather than sending it directly to their residence or apartment, consider sending the package or sensitive mail to the office. Sometimes packages are simply left outside the door of an apartment or residence and may be taken by others during the day. Mail and packages sent to the Arizona Phoenix Mission office are received by our office staff during business hours on weekdays - the office is always open and staffed during those times.

Current President/Wife Griffins (2014-2017) maintain a private Arizona Phoenix Mission blog available to parents and family of missionaries currently serving or who have returned. Access to this photo blog is available by contacting your missionary via email. 

Former President/Wife Taylors (2011-2014) continue to maintain a private Arizona Phoenix Mission blog (and continued activities with this group of missionaries)- one that can be accessed by parents and family of currently serving missionaries in the Arizona Phoenix Mission and returned missionaries who have served in this mission. Family and friends and returned missionaries can find updates and photos of RETURNED missionaries in the Arizona Phoenix Mission there. (Message her through Facebook CHERYL JAMES TAYLOR if you are interested in returned missionary activities.

As always, please let us know if we can help you in any way — but hopefully finding the Arizona Phoenix Mission office address will not be just a little bit easier.

P.S. — Isn't SEO (search-engine optimization) a great thing — finding ways to repeatedly insert phrases like "Arizona Phoenix Mission office" into the text?


  1. This is a great Idea to help get the correct Arizona Phoenix Mission Office address more widely known. I know that i had a bunch of mail get sent to the wrong address. it is a good thing the mail-man had learned to recognize the first name "ELDER".
    Thanks for all you do for the Arizona Phoenix Mission!!
    The Taylor's Rock! ;)


  2. This is a great place to get the CORRECT address for the Arizona Phoenix Mission - besides other important information!
    Sister King

  3. My son will soon be "moving" to this mission as he is currently serving in Flagstaff. I've added this information to his blog in hopes of helping others find the correct address!

    1. Thanks so much! We love our Flagstaff missionaries so much!

  4. Thank you for this important address information for the Arizona Phoenix Mission! Would love a map of the mission boundaries for the missions in AZ.Thanks again!

    1. You can find the boundaries for maps online at with your lds account access. If you Google AZ Mission Boundaries, you will find a site with links as well to help you do this. Good luck!

  5. It is a great post, what you said is really helpful to me. I agree with you anymore. Also great blog here with all of the valuable information you have. Keep up the good work you are doing here. Thank you for sharing such a useful post.

  6. My son just opened his mission call last night. We are thrilled he will be serving in the Phoenix AZ mission! He reports August 13th, 2014, so from what it looks like to me he won't be meeting you but will have a new Mission President. I am expecting a great mission experience for him.

    1. Hi, I just found your post. Our son also reports to the MTC on August 13, 2014 for the Phoenix mission. We would love to get in touch with you. Do you have an email we could use to contact you?

    2. My son just joined Elder Jones in the MTC, and they are companions! He heads to the Arizona Phoenix Mission on Aug 26. We love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for the blog.