Arizona Phoenix Mission

This Mission Blog is an informational blog generic to the great ARIZONA PHOENIX MISSION.  It it not a photo blog like some Mission President Wives run, it is basic FAQ that many missionary parents have.

President/Wife Griffins (2014-2017) keep a private photo blog for parents and family of currently/former serving Arizona Phoenix missionaries. Access to this blog is given through the missionaries. Please email your missionary for access information.

If you are a follower of former President/Wife Taylors (2011-2014) that blog is kept private to just parents and family of currently serving Arizona Phoenix missionaries and returned APM missionaries (this particular blog is public and accessible via any online search).

Secondly, there's an incorrect address for the mission office circulating throughout cyberspace, thanks to an incorrect address listed on a missionary alumni page that gets perpetuated through any Google search.

The correct address for the Arizona Phoenix Mission is:
6833 W Bell Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85308

Do us a favor and click on the "Arizona Phoenix Mission office — CORRECT ADDRESS" link on the FAQ left-side menu to get more information on the problem and solution. By clicking on the post, you increase the number of "hits" or post views, which increase this blog's readership, which increases its rise on Google search listings. It's SEO — search-engine optimization — at its finest.

Third, we wanted to create an online site that would provide information on a number of topics of interest — mission releases, returning home, communication with missionaries, deaths in the family, health and insurance matters and such.

If you have questions about the mission or any of its policy or procedures, please call the mission office at: 623-334-3823

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