Visits from family, friends or acquaintances

The metro Phoenix area is a popular travel destination — for vacations, for work assignments, for conferences and conventions or simply for just passing through en route to somewhere else. And the Arizona Phoenix Mission is located in a large metro area and state where family members, relatives and friends of our missionaries may reside.

So, common questions are — can we visit our missionary, can we take our missionary and his/her companion out to lunch, can we meet up with our missionary to drop off a package or much-needed items, or can so-and-so who lives nearby in the valley (or elsewhere in the state) do the same?

Your missionary is following this directive in the Missionary Handbook:

"Visits from family members, friends and acquaintances are against Church policy. The impact of such visits may extend far beyond the visit itself, both before and after the visit and among other missionaries. It can often take some time for missionaries to refocus on their callings and their work. While expressing your love and your desire to share your experiences with them after you have been released, help those who may want to visit you to understand the importance of maintaining singleness of heart and mind on the work of the Lord."

Now, while that is the policy for the missionaries, please understand that President & Sister Griffin welcome any visits from parents and family members at the mission home, provided we're available and don't have other events, meetings or assignments. Please let us know in advance so we can try to make ourselves available. If you have items to drop off, you can leave them with us at the mission home and we'll forward them along. We love to tell the missionaries of the visits of their family members and how wonderful it was to spend time with them.

If you are in the area and want to drop things off at the Arizona Phoenix Mission Office, you're welcome to do that.
Address: 6833 W Bell Rd. Glendale, AZ 85308 
Call ahead — 623-334-3823 — to confirm someone will be there.
Our office staff are always DELIGHTED to meet you as well!

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